8. Draft RESOLUTION for Waterford citizens to vote on during the annual town meeting. An attempt to keep the below online version up to date as this work in progress changes will be made.

this revision as of 12/21/2012 10:30am

It is important to note that we support the Portland-Montreal Pipeline as it is currently utilizing the pipeline. It is not our intent to stop the flow of regular oil through the Portland-Montreal Pipeline as is happening now. It is simply our intent to prevent tar sands oil from flowing through the pipeline due to the increased risk of a spill as a result of abrasive/corrosive materials contained in the tar sands and the added pressure under which tar sands is pumped to create a flow through the lines.

The potential environmental impact of a spill would be detrimental to the natural resources that are vital to our economy and our water supplies.

For more information please visit our website www.waterford4me.org

Waterford Tar Sands Resolution

We, the citizens of Waterford Maine, have come to understand that the Portland-Montreal Pipeline which runs through our town is being considered for the transport of tar sands oil from Montreal to South Portland, which would be a reversal of flow and change from its original use.

a) We are opposed to any change in either the flow direction or the type product pumped for any of the current crude oil pipelines that flow through Waterford and cross the Crooked River it’s tributaries, wetlands and aquifer.

b) Through the adoption of this resolution, the Town of Waterford expresses its opposition to the transport of tar sands through our town via the existing Public Utility Easement. We feel that such transport is of no benefit to Waterford and entails unacceptable risk to our river, our public health and safety, property values, recreation resources, water quality, and the pristine natural resources upon which our community depends.

c) Through the adoption of this resolution, the town of Waterford calls upon the Maine State Legislature, United States Congress, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and State Departments to require thorough environmental impact reviews of all tar sands pipeline proposals, including a complete evaluation of the health, safety and environmental risks.

d.) Through the adoption of this resolution, the town of Waterford supports the creation of clear Federal and State guidelines for tracking the chemical composition of pipeline transported fuels so that local governments, citizens, and first responders can better understand, and plan for, the risks associated with the specific type of fuel flowing through or to their communities.

e.) Through the adoption of this resolution, the town of Waterford encourages the State of Maine and other states in the northeast to support policies that help develop and shift fuel use away from high impact fuels such as tar sands.

f.) Through the adoption of this resolution, the town of Waterford will transmit a copy of this resolution to the Maine State Congressional delegation, Maine State Representative of Waterford, and the Maine State Senator representing Waterford, the US EPA and State Departments.